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"I am a practice advocate and work with those practitioners who want to maintain their own identity and provide products that they feel will most benefit their patients."

Dan Richards

At 28 years old, I was a single parent raising a wonderful daughter. Feeling the responsibility of supporting her on my own, I decided to go back to school, and within two years I had earned my Bachelor's in Journalism and Public Relations from Arizona State University. During this time, I was fortunate enough to be granted an internship at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, a subsidiary of Catholic Healthcare West. It was a writing-intensive internship as the hospital produced numerous publications including a quarterly magazine for the renowned Barrow Neurological Institute. Upon graduation, the director of public and media relations at Arizona’s largest healthcare system took notice of my work and asked that I come in for an interview. I was hired as a public relations representative for Samaritan Health Services, which is now called Banner Health. I spent five years there improving my writing and design skills, producing publications, handling media relations, and managing internal and external marketing. From there, I was hired as Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Healthwest Regional Medical Center, a subsidiary of Columbia Healthcare, which at the time owned more than 500 medical centers across the country. After a year, I joined a marketing firm that was developing a shoe orthotic. I spent a year working for that company that, unfortunately, went belly up because it did not secure the necessary financing to market the product.

I ended up working for a local PR agency for 30 days before deciding to venture out on my own. During those 30 days the strangest thing happened. I got a call one day from a reporter who I had worked with before. He was looking for an audiologist to comment on a story about why men are reluctant to go to the doctor. I naively asked him, “What’s an audiologist?” So he explained, and I looked in the phone book and picked the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. I spoke to Cathy Kurth, the audiologist/owner of the practice and we decided to meet to discuss this further over lunch. In addition to agreeing to comment for the story, she also told me about a tiny hearing aid, called Senso, that was coming out. She told me that it was digital and that it fit completely inside the ear. My media instincts immediately told me, which I expressed to her, "That’s a news story!" The reporter did his story on men and doctors, but also pursued the story on the Senso. The Senso story appeared on the cover of the Life section of the newspaper. I was in Dallas visiting my best friend when I got the call from Dr. Kurth. She said that they received about 80 calls already that morning. After a few months of working with Dr. Kurth, marketing the Senso and her practice to other media, her patient base and the general public, I got a call from the president and co-owner of Widex, a hearing aid company based in New York. He said that he had called Dr. Kurth to thank her for all of the business she was doing with his product and she told him about me. He asked if I could meet with him and his team at a conference they would be attending in Las Vegas. I agreed, and the rest is history.

By then, I had left the PR agency and opened my own firm, Dan Richards Marketing. I worked 16 years with the Widex hearing aid company’s marketing team, consulting and producing materials for hundreds of their accounts. I continued to work closely with accounts across the country on my own.

I am a practice advocate and work with those practitioners who want to maintain their own identity and sell the hearing products that they feel comfortable with and will most benefit their patients. Throughout the years, I have been very fortunate to work with other creative individuals, because anybody who works in marketing knows that you have to change in order to maintain a level of creativity or your career is short-lived. You're only as good as your next idea. My experience in this industry has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I'm grateful that I've been able to sustain such consistency in my career of marketing private audiology practices. I look forward to helping you market yours.


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